May 29, 2020

Beloved in our church and community families,

What a year this is turning out to be!  I pray for you - that you are protected with good health.  I also pray that we are coping well with the stresses to our emotional and mental health.  From the youngest to the oldest, everyone is feeling the effects of our new lifestyle and routines.  I am so grateful for our God, who never changes (Hebrews 13:8).   

While the church is not a building (it’s you and me!) and the Church has never closed, we are excited to start slowly and safely phasing back into normal worship routines!  Our phased plan includes:

  • Continuing our Online Campus indefinitely – worship, Bible studies, devotions, and more!  God has reached hundreds of people near and far through DFLC’s online outreach!  I am amazed at what has happened and very excited to see God’s plan for this going forward!

  • We have begun on-campus worship again!  Brief worship services, with sermon and communion, are offered Saturday mornings.  Space is limited, so please reserve your spot HERE

  • Planning and preparing for Sunday morning services again.  There are MANY factors to consider and obstacles to overcome.  And let’s be honest, the CDC recommendations can change from day to day.  We are doing our best to balance the protection of our large vulnerable population and get back to normal.  The reality is that with social distancing, face masks, no singing allowed – a service in the building right now will not look any different than the Saturday services we are offering right now.  Doing the Saturday service allows our staff and limited resources to also provide an excellent online worship experience.  We are building to where we can do it all, but we’re not there yet. 

  • All other church activities like, Choir, Life Groups, Bible studies, Youth Group, etc., are normally wrapping up for the summer anyway, so we will just begin planning on their relaunch in the Fall as normal.

  • The same is true for all outside groups who meet on our campus like, Al Anon, Upscale Singers, etc.

  • The church office is open to visitors who make an appointment


On behalf of my entire, hard-working staff: Thank you for your encouraging words and thanks throughout all of this!  And thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times as best we can! 


Grace & Peace!

Pastor Mark


  • Why is DFLC focusing on Online Sunday Services?

This is a precautionary effort to protect our large vulnerable demographic within our church and community from the coronavirus (COVID-19). DFLC has a responsibility to our members and attenders to maintain their safety. We are NOT under the authority of our government when it comes to our right to worship.  We voluntarily take these extraordinary measures to love our neighbors more than we love ourselves (what we would selfishly want to do). 

  • How do I access DFLC's YouTube Channel?

Click Here

  • How do I reserve a seat for Saturday Communion Services?

Click Here

  • What are the service times for DFLC Sunday live streams?

8:30 am Traditional

10:30 am Contemporary

But the greatest thing about online church is that you’re never late! : )   You can participate in either service at any time.

  • How do I Give when I'm not physically in church? 
    God calls us to be good stewards of our finances, in these difficult times we need to continue to meet our expenses.

You can mail your offering to the church at: 29305 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ  85266


You can sign-up for "WeShare" online giving at the following link:  Click Here

  • Are ALL DFLC activities cancelled? 

All events held on the DFLC Campus will be suspended temporarily.

  • Is the Preschool closed?​​

It is now summer break, but we are planning on a full reopening in the Fall with all AZ schools. 

  • Will the Church Office be open?

The Church Office is open for in-person visits with an appointment.  But we are all working, every day.  If you have a need to meet or speak with a Pastor or Staff Member, please call 480.585.8007 or email Church Office.


DFLC is a member of the Missouri Synod.




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