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Welcome to Desert Foothills Children & Youth Ministry. We are committed to providing a safe and loving environment where our children and youth can experience Biblical truths as they grow in God's word. We look forward to seeing your family each Sunday and partnering with you to "train up the children in the way they should go!"


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At 10:30 am we have Kidstime where our kids (age three through 5th grade) experience their own service. We have age appropriate lessons, games, and activities to help them learn about God. Our classes are broken up into two groups; preschool and elementary ages. The lessons and activities are different for each group.




1.     When you arrive

            a.  You will enter the preschool office for check in.

            b.  If it is your first time, please allow about 5 minutes to register                           your child.

            c.  Our check in team will help you register your child and show you                     the check-in procedure for future visits.

            d.  Please keep your parent pick-up tag handy with your child's code                   on it. This helps us get a hold of you if you are needed.

2.     Service times

            a.  Kidstime is open from 10:30 - 11:30 am Sundays. Check-in opens                     to receive children 15 minutes before.

3.     Parent and Child Tags

            a.  Your child will receive a name tag that includes a unique security                      number. You will also receive a parent tag with this same                                        number. For safety reasons, no one is allowed to pick up your                                child without the parent tag you receive, so make sure you hang                            onto it.

4.     If you are needed

            a.  If we ever need to get a hold of you, we will put up your child's                        code at the bottom of the screen in our worship service. You                                  would check the code on the screen with the code that is on your                        parent pick up tag.

Contact:            l  l 480.585.8007

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